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At your requests, the new kind of services - " Delivery by mail " is entered. If for you the sluggish modem or poor connection, write to me by mail letter (your name, your electronic address and program name) and, then, during 1 week I shall send you the necessary program on E-mail.

1) min Dos 6.00

Collection from 3 drivers for " of the Russian keyboard " (zip:20kb).
Collection from 5 universal drivers for "mouse" (zip:62kb).
Small, but very power command shell(zip:110kb).
Animated training aid of the keyboard on 4 languages (zip:128kb).
Collection from 3 best utilities: " the text editor ", " reanimator of files " and " the shutdown of the computer " (zip:167kb).
Collection from 3 classical archives:ARJ, ZIP, RAR (zip:281kb).
Collection from 5 classical games (zip:446kb).

2) min a Windows 3.0

Collection from 3 amusing "Screen Savers" (zip:205kb).
The library from 235 icons(zip:274kb).
Collection from 50 musical clips in the MIDI format (zip:283kb).
Collection from 5 beautiful Calligraphic fonts (zip:312kb).
Very power "image viewer/converte/the graphics editor of files ": JPG/JPEG, GIF, BMP, DIB, RLE, PCX, DCX, PNG, TIFF, TGA, RAS/SUN, ICO, CUR, ANI, AVI, WAV, MID, RMI, WMF, EMF, PBM, PGM, PPM, IFF/LBM, PSD, CPT, EPS, CLP, CAM, MPG/MPEG, MOV, LWF, AIF, G3, Photo-CD (zip:363kb).
Collection from 15 Photographic backgrounds for a Windows in the JPEG format (zip:521kb).

NOTICE: be not detuned if what or from Dos 6.00 programs do not work - some of them are requiring to "low memory" - optimize your memory (files autoexec.bat and config.sys) through commands rem either memmaker.exe file or "Qemm" program.

All programs on this page are checked out: normal work, the viruses are not present, all programs are registered also by them it is possible to use without limitations.

If you liked my page that you can make record in mine " to the Guest Book ". In it you can leave the requests and wishes, to set questions.

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Thank, that you have visited my page, behind the additional information can address personally to me

(E-mail, Guest Book) or to other pages of the server " Andry Corporation ".

Yours " Angel of Net".

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