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"Andry Club"

Welcome in CLUB " of Exchange of push buttons and links " !!!

Dear Visitors !

We invite you to interchange " push buttons and links " with our Server " ANDRY CORPORATION ". We shall orient first of all by theme sites, and also concerned with to culture, art, leisure, news. Attention - best your Site will get HERE.

1. Version.

You type below following HTML-code and Write to me, that I would add your resource (push button and link) in a home base of the data:


<a href=""><img


width=100 height=40 border=0 Alt="Free & Download. Non-risk lottery"></a>

Also receive on the page: Free & Download. Non-risk lottery

2. Version: exchange of the banners / links.

Your banner is placed in section "Our Friends" together with the brief description of your resource. And our banner is placed in section of "Link" (or similar) on your server.

Our links, push buttons and a banner you can find on this page.

The brief description:

" Useful Internets - resources: the programs, games, drivers and utilities, newspapers and log-books. Retrieval systems. And many other things - All is charge-free. "

You can use any of below indicated a push button / banner at your discretion. In case your server system allows to demonstrate a banner in turn, it is possible to use and this function.

Having placed ours a push button / banner to itself, can at once write to us.

We shall hear rads also any your proposals.

There will be rad, if you place the reference or one of, offered,

Buttons on the page or server:

1. The reference (size 0,038 - 0,043 kb): or or

2. Buttons (size 5,1 - 5,7 kb):

Lk1.gif (100x100x256 color) Lk.gif (100x100x256 color)

LS01.gif (120x60x256 color)

3. Buttons (size 1,6 - 2,2 kb):

Aknop0.gif (88x31x256 color)

Aknop1.gif (88x31x256 color)

Lknop.gif (88x31x256 color)

4. Buttons small (size 2,13 - 2,95 kb):

Aknop.gif (132x28x256 color)

Aknop2.gif (132x28x256 color)

Lknop1.gif (132x28x256 color)

5. Buttons average (size 10,1 - 13,9 kb):

Atop01.gif (468x60x256 color)

Atop001.gif (468x60x256 color)

Ltop1.gif (468x60x256 color)

lsbanner.gif (468x60x256 color)

Copy any of the liked buttons, and by inserting in the web-page point: or or accordingly:

"ANDRY CORPORATION" or "Lion Company" or "Lion Systems".

Yours " Angel of Net".

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The address of the e-mail:

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