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Welcome in the World of Dreams!


Hi by all " to the Hunters behind Adventures "!

ICQ #45785481

There will be rad, if you place the reference to mine page on page or on the server.

I rad to welcome all those who has glanced on mine page!

Me call Novikov Andrey. I was born on July 27, 1979 (on a horoscope Lion). On derivation the economist (I study in institute), but main my hobby is the Internet!

I am ready to transmit the knowledge to other people, I have experience of operation with many software products and information retrieval in the network the Internet. Also I make personal www-pages in the mine web-studio. ;-)

It is my personal web-page, and I hope, that it will help you to be oriented in open spaces of the world wide web and to not sink in the sea of the boundless information.

Your " Angel of Net ".

I shall justify hopes of the Internet-provider, which will select on the server a place for mine page (about 20 Mb) and will add my reference in the Internet -operational lifes.

Your " Angel of Net ".

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